MetroWest is a community that is connected by a ton of great transportation options. Those options are expanding and evolving just like our neighborhood. Let us introduce you to your options. Find resources for carpooling, transit, vanpooling, walking and biking, and guaranteed ride home.


Carpooling is a simple way to cut your commute costs in half, reduce vehicle emissions, and grant you access to the HOV lanes on I-66 both inside and outside the Capital Beltway.

Find a Match

The Commuter Connections program provides a free online matching tool that connects you with neighbors who would make ideal carpool partners. CarpoolNow is an on-demand carpool service to match you with someone else heading in the same direction.


Start or join a new carpool and earn financial incentives through the Pool Rewards Program. You can also log your carpool trips with incenTrip to earn rewards points for gift cards or cash!

Save Time and Money

Split the cost of tolls, gas and parking by sharing the ride. You could save more thank you think! Calculate the savings here and start dreaming of what else you could be doing with a little extra in your pocket.

Nearby Carpool Lots

Meeting at a carpool lot can make carpooling even easier. Walk, bike or drive to one of over 400 lots in the Washington/Baltimore area to meet up with your carpool buddy. See the full system map here.

Leave the car behind, relax on transit and let someone else do the driving. The Vienna/Fairfax GMU Metro Station is right at your front door and your transit possibilities are extensive. This station runs on the Orange line, with access to the main Metro hub at Metro Center Station. It has direct access to 26 bus routes, 54 bike racks, 68 bike lockers, and parking.

SmarTrip transit cards

Metro SmarTrip® Cards are permanent, plastic rechargeable fare cards embedded with a computer chip that keeps track of the card’s balance. SmarTrip® cards are accepted on all Metrorail, Metrobus, Fairfax Connector, and CUE buses and may be purchased at  Metro sales offices, retail outlets and commuter stores.


Metrorail – Vienna/Fairfax GMU station

Station Information
Trip Planner
System Maps


Fairfax City-University-Energysaver (CUE) Bus Service

System Map
Gold Route Schedule
Green Route Schedule


If your workplace participates in SmartBenefits, you may be catching your next ride for free! Ask your workplace if they are a partner business. Wondering how to get started? Read more on the Metro website


Share your commute and share the cost! Vanpooling saves you money, time with access to HOV lanes, and reduces the stress caused by driving alone. Reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle, share the driving, and enjoy the ride. 

Want to get started?

Call Fairfax County Commuter Services 703-877-5900

Register using the Commuter Connections Program to find an existing vanpool or create a new one by contacting local vanpool companies:

• Enterprise Rideshare: Online or call 800 VAN-4-WORK

• ABS Vans-Metro: Online or call 703-348-VANS

•  Vanpool Alliance: Online or call 703-580-6169


Start or join a new vanpool and earn financial incentives through the Pool Rewards Program. You can also log your vanpool trips with incenTrip to earn rewards points for gift cards and cash!

Walk & Bike

Fairfax County’s extensive trail and bike network allows residents and commuters to comfortably coexist with cars. Nutley Street and other roads in the area provide cyclists with many options for running errands or getting to work. MetroWest is also near the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, linking walkers, runners and cyclists to Washington, DC and western communities like Reston and Loudoun County. You can access the interactive Fairfax County Bike Map on Fairfax County’s website.

Bike Resources

Fairfax County Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs
Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling
Great Cycle Challenge
Bike To Work
VA Bike Trails
Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Walking Resources

Map My Walk

Guaranteed Ride Home

Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans. Don’t be left stranded if your boss asks you to work late or you become ill during the workday. MetroWest residents who commute using any means other than driving alone at least twice a week are eligible for up to four free emergency rides home a year through the Guaranteed Ride Home program.

No need to worry about inconveniencing your carpool partners or missing the last bus; Guaranteed Ride Home ensures you will have a taxi or rental car to get you home. Think of it as commuter insurance!